We started the business in 2014 simply due to a shared love of making. But given that the perfect name had been coined several years before maybe this was always meant to be. In our previous lives as museum professionals we appeared on Gordon Sparkes breakfast radio show to promote a project. The consistency of our responses in that interview earned us the nicknames ‘Gosh’ and ‘Absolutely’.

When we first opened a shop in the House that Jack Built we instantly became part of the independent business community on the Barbican. The support this community offers plays a big part in why we love being in this area of the city (along with the lunch options they also provide!). We now share a Southside Street shop with fellow fabulous small business, Rockpool Trading.

At Gosh! & Absolutely we offer a mix of upcycled bottle lamps and revamped vintage lamps with all kinds of shades available, or made to order. Customers can bring their own bottles to turn into lamps or ask us to look for options for lampshades that match a specific decor or theme. Our clients can get something really unique.

We don’t like waste, so offcuts from lampshade-making are transformed into string lanterns and bookmarks. Leftover fabrics are made into jewellery or used to upcycle coasters. Spirit bottles which are too small for lamp bases are perfect for soap dispensers. We are always trialing new ways to transform bottles and fabric scraps.

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